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Since I am still recovering from having a hole in my back. Chris was nice enough to do another Animal Facts with Lil Froggy!


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what sort of romance movie bullshit is this waking up in the hospital and seeing the person what sat by your bedside and saying the first thing you ever said to them to tell them you’re awake and all right

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So I’ve decided Steve totally wore that unbelievably tight shirt as a way of getting Sam’s attention.

He spots Sam while they’re both running, but he can’t think of how to start a conversation that won’t be awkward.

He mentions it to Natasha during one of her insistent and almost always bizarrely-timed attempts to improve his love life.

“There’s a guy on my jogging route,” he admits, ducking bullets or punches or both.

“You should talk to him,” Natasha says as she drops another mercenary.

Steve dodges a knife swing and knocks the guy unconscious. “I don’t even know his name.”

“That’s what the talking’s for.”

“We’re always both running, isn’t there some kind of etiquette about not interrupting?”

“Depends,” she says, snatching a rifle from the guy aiming at her and smoothly dismantling it into three pieces before hitting him over the head with one of them. She drops the pieces on his prone form with a shrug and looks at Steve. “Just how desperate are you?”

Steve pauses for a millisecond. “What am I gonna say?”

He only ever passes by the guy, and they both keep to their own bit of path; it’s not like he needs to yell ‘watch out’.

She smirks as they walk to their extraction point. “You’ll think of something. And if that fails then just a wear a smaller size of whatever you usually go running in.”

He makes a face. “Really?”

“You have assets, Rogers, it’s just good sense to use them to their full effect.”

The chopper’s close enough Steve can hear the rotors whumping. “Fine, but if it doesn’t work you can’t try and fix me up for a month.”

She smirks again but doesn’t say anything, which means she’s planning something.

When he wakes up the next morning, the shirt’s sitting neatly folded on his bedside table. He’s given up asking Natasha not to pick the locks.

The note placed on top reads “Desperate times…

Even if he can’t think of anything better in the moment than ‘on your left’, it only takes a few repetitions to get a response, and he’s only a little worried about the shirt cutting off the circulation in his arms.

The guy’s name is Sam.

It’s all worth it.

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" when do we start? "


" when do we start? "

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pixelspirit ASKED: I've read a bit about copyright stuff, and aren't you technically not allowed to sell fan art or such? I ask bc I read around bc I thought of selling some geek crafts on etsy. feel free to answer this privately or publicly or w/e works for you (or not at all if you dont have the time or dont want to)


does anyone want to field this shit for me I’m not quite sure on the answer, myself

This isn’t a copyright issue at all. Copyright concerns specific words, sounds and images: you can copyright the particular sequence of words and drawings that make up a comic book, but not the characters in it.

The issue here is trademark. There are two fronts on which the owner of an intellectual property might take issue with a fan’s use of their trademark: (a) they are making money off that trademark without giving the creator a cut via e.g. a license; or (b) they are doing something to dilute the identity of the trademark such that it could equally apply to some other thing the owner of the original IP doesn’t own. Companies tend to be really aggressive about (b), but it’s virtually never relevant to fanwork. Theoretically, the issue with sketch commissions is (a). However, firstly, the money an artist makes on sketch commissions, or sales of prints or originals in an artist alley or via something like Society6, or basically any sale of fanart on the scale at which sales of fanart happen, is so small as to be irrelevant to the kind of IP owner who has lawyers on the lookout for violations. Secondly, going after that sort of artist creates tremendous ill will in the community, specifically among the parts of it that are liable to also buy the official merchandise of IP owners that don’t piss them off with their litigiousness.

Strictly speaking, yes, it could end in a C&D. In practice, the sale of fanart goes on at dozens of cons every year, often just a room over from the creator of the IP that fanart is based on, and nobody cares.

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I never said pilot

I never said pilot

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AU⇒ Secret Avengers

เAfter the events of Avengers: Age Of Ultron, while the world is still pulling its pieces back together again, another team-up is needed. Coming back from the shadows, ex-director Nick Fury gathers the ultimate team-up.

Mistaken as nothing more than sidekicks, Iron Patriot and The Falcon join forces with the last guy they would’ve wanted: The Winter Soldier. Back from the hiding, James “Bucky” Barnes seeks to redeem himself from the horrors he caused in past years and, along-side Agent Hill and Agent 13, takes the name again, this time as a superhero, becomes part of Marvel’s newest team. 

A bunch of underrated super-people work under-cover in seemingly level-1 missios, but that really are more than that. These are the Secret Avengers.

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Cape Town, South Africa

by Jakob Wagner

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Headdress & Winged Harness designed and made by Rob Goodwin

Costume Design: David Bamber

Photographer: Diego Indraccolo

Ballerina: Ksenia Ovsyanick

FacebookGoogle + | Twitter

Steampunk Tendencies Official Group

i think i’ve reblogged this 15 times idec it’s so PRETTYYY